Friday, October 22, 2010

1.4 miles in 15 min and 57 sec

My new running shoes arrived yesterday afternoon!  I bought them at Finish Line and they're the most comfortable and light shoe I've ever owned.  The brand is Brooks... totally recommend them to anyone.  I used them yesterday for my 1.4 mile run.  They were FANTASTIC.  Great arch support, hugged my feet well, and they're stylish!  Look at that blue... just beautiful!  I had a nice run last night.  Although, I was pooped afterwards.  Can't say I've ever run 1.4 miles straight without walking.  But I did a good job... pat on back.  I completed my slow run in 15 minutes and 57 seconds -  

We went to a friends house for dinner so we didn't get to eat super healthy.  We had some pizza/lasagna thing (which was delicious), breadsticks, salad, and wine.  We also played Wii bowling so I guess that counts as exercise, right?  

Tonight I don't have to run, so instead we're planting a tree in our front yard.  It's going to be nice taking a break from the running.  Although, the thing I like most about my run around the block is that it's all about me.  No one bugging me for dinner, a back massage, and no dogs busting my chops for anything.  It's all about me and my thoughts (or sounds of my ipod shuffle).  Overall, I think this might be an enjoyable goal (or at least I hope so).

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