Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It’s official. 

I’m a crazy person. 

No, not in the lock me up, 51/50, need to take drugs because I have multiple personalities kind of way… but more in the no one is going to believe YOU came up with this idea all by yourself and you must have lost your frickin mind kind of way.  

And yes, in case you’re curious, I DID come up with this idea all on my own thankyouverymuch!

How it started…

I’ve been taking my dogs (one at a time of course) for a run every morning (or at least one time per dog per week) for a few weeks (ok, days.. but whose counting) now.  We have three large dogs and I can barely handle one of them on a walk/run.  The smallest is 65 pounds and the biggest is 90 pounds.  I had no idea how far we ran/walked and was trying to figure out a way to calculate this.  Not only did I not know how far I walked, but I didn’t know how many calories I burned.  For ladies, calories burned is important.  Gotta maintain that sexy figure not only for the guys who can't have me but especially for my husband.  I want to look good for him so he still wants to love-on-me.  

The other day (actually 2 days ago) I found a Nike+ App that basically calculates the miles ran, calories burned, and some other stuff I don’t actually care about.  I investigated.  I didn’t have an iPod that was compatible with said app, but wouldn’t you know it, Nike offers a non-iPod way of calculating these things.  It’s called the Nike+ Sportband.  It’s glorious!  Basically, it’s a watch that communicates wirelessly to this Nike+ shoe module thing that goes in or on your shoe.  The Sportband is only $59.99 + tax where a new iPod that IS compatible is like $150 or something.  I'll take the Sportband for $59.99 please Alex. 

I did a lot of research.  I tried to figure out if A) this thing actually works and B) if I really want this thing.  Turns out I really want this thing.  I show the Sportband to my husband who thinks it's also pretty cool.  He's trying to lose some weight and is trying to get back into runners shape (he used to be a great runner back in the day).  Lucky for him his birthday is coming up so we can give that idea to my parents.  Not so lucky for me, my birthday is 2 months away and I just can't wait.

That night Husband and I go to Finish Line to take a look at this thing.  Not all the stores carry it and they don't carry all the colors.  Before even showing up I decided I wanted the pink Sportband.  Why wouldn't I want pink?!  It's awesome... ok.  Well, they don't have pink but can order it for me.  While looking at the yellow and blue versions I decided that the yellow one was actually really cool looking.  That's right marketers, the way to my wallet is to make a cool product that's pretty and color coordinates with my stuff.  The yellow is more neon than Live Strong so I buy it.  In addition to buying the band Husband and I also get new running shoes.  $300 later we walk out of the store.  (I'd just like to point out that the guy at Finish Line was awesome.  He spent over an hour with us talking about the Sportband and the running shoes he recommends.  He was so convincing (and we both really did need new shoes) that we bought them on the spot.  Good job Finish Line!  I wish I could remember his name, but he works at the store at San Tan Mall in Gilbert.)

Come to think of it... maybe buying a new iPod would have been cheaper!

Ok, so now it's Wednesday.  I'm being a good employee and doing my job, when it dawns on me... before Husband and I start talking about having kids and starting a family I want to participate in a race.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't setting my goals on a marathon or anything... just a simple 5k.  In fact, I chose the Pat Tillman 5k race as the race of my dreams.  It's 6 months away so that's plenty of time, right?! 

I tell Husband about my new life goal.  The supportive husband that he is doesn't laugh (right away).  I should probably mention that I am a horrible runner.  I have an inhaler for exercising and I use it every single time I work out.  I am hard on my feet when I run and my body tenses up which apparently makes running harder.  Husband tries to explain that I could participate in a 5k, but it's gong to be really hard and I might want to rethink my goals for 2011.  I gave him the sad face and he walked away to go make lunch.

Five minutes later Husband comes back and makes me a deal:  "I will help you train to participate in the 5k if you will help me lose 25 pounds."  I think about it and agree immediately.  

Today's goal is to get my new neon yellow Nike+ Sportband calibrated so it knows I am a slow-ass runner.  My next goal is to plan meals so Husband can start losing weight.  Actually the meals I have been making are healthy.  The problem is 1) he eats too much of my food which makes it less healthy 2) he drinks beer like it's going out of style and 3) he's from Wisconsin so he likes to add cheese to EVERYTHING.  

I think I have my work cut out for me.

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  1. You are for sure crazy...the only good blog was Doogie Howsers. He didn't even know he was blogging, he just thought he was writing in a diary on his computer.

    PS Not sure why it says John!