Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning Run - 1.4 Miles in 16 minutes 43 seconds

No running for me over the weekend.  I was supposed to complete 1.4 miles on Saturday but ended up house hunting with my parents and attending a house warming party for some friends up in Sun City.  Friends in their early thirties... not friends in their sixties.  I still can't explain why they live up there but they do have a 5000 square foot beautiful home so that is really nice.  While at the party, I told my girlfriend, Jessica, that I was going to compete in a 7k.  Jessica is a runner... she can probably do a 7k no problem with very little training.  She said she would love to do it with me and now I really have a reason not to back out (friends are depending on me!!!).  I am excited to have a friend to help keep me motivated (in addition to my husband) so I'm getting  more and more psyched for this race!

Today was rough for running.  I took Chloe my 90 pound beast of a dog with me thinking "oh, she needs some exercise, a slow jog will be good for her."  Well she showed me... she is a big girl but man does that dog have energy.  She basically pulled me the entire run.  I ran faster than I should have and eventually had to stop so I could catch my breath.  The great thing about running with your dog is 1) they need the exercise, too, so you're being a good parent and 2) they help keep you energized so you'll continue the run!  I must have looked like an idiot at 6:45am... being dragged by my dog.  Oh well... I still completed 1.4 miles and felt great once it was over (you know... once I was able to catch my breath!).  Here is the log of this run on my Nike site:  I wish I had a photo of Chloe and I running together, but sadly I do not.  In any case here is a photo of my girl and you can just imagine her pulling me along.  Chloe is the black dog (half German Shepard half Rottweiler).  The blond dog is Brinkley and she is an incredibly fast runner.  I don't take her with me because she gets bored with me.  At least Chloe will entertain the idea of running alongside me.

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