Friday, April 15, 2011

Less than 24 hours until the run

Tomorrow at 7am PT I will be running in Pat's Run.  Husband and I are in corral group #15.  There are 13 of us running together (two ladies backed out for various reasons) or as close together as possible.  To keep us all motivated we are meeting for post run drinks and breakfast.  Yesterday we met as a team for happy hour and tonight we're meeting for a carb night dinner.  I'm not sure anyone really feels prepared.  I feel as prepared as I'm ever going to be.  I can't believe I've been practicing since October 2010 to get ready for this event.  I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be.  Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

11 days left...

My Dad cracks me up.  Yesterday he and I were discussing my current eating habits and he said that what I was doing to my body was ridiculous because I am running 40 miles this weekend.  I was immediately confused and said "what?!  40 miles this weekend?" And he said, "isn't your race this weekend?"  I laughed and said "no, it's next weekend, April 16th."  He said ok but it didn't really matter because it was still 40 miles.  I asked him why he thought that and I said it's only "four point two miles."  Turns out every time I said "four point two miles" he thought I was saying "forty-two miles."  Good stuff.... he's clear now and thinks that the diet I'm doing is still crazy but acceptable.

On Friday I weighed myself and discovered I was at 160!  That is 7 pounds less than I was at my heaviest point.    This diet has been hard at times... but overall it wasn't painful.  It just took the right recipes and mindset to get me really into it.  Now I'm loving it.  I hope I don't fall back into old habits because I am full of energy (without caffeine!).

The run is in 11 days.  Yesterday I ran my fastest mile EVER... in my entire life.  I ran one mile in 9 minutes and 22 seconds.  I-N-S-A-N-E.  I was dying at the end but not nearly as bad as last week.  Allergy season has officially kicked in and it's kicking my ass.  Tonight we run 4.2 miles.  We're going to wait for the sun to go down so it won't be as hot.  I just need to figure out what we're doing for dinner.  I'm thinking roasted veggies brown rice, and beans.  Mmmmm... more beans.  But tomorrow... tomorrow is a big day.  WE GET TO EAT MEAT!!!  3-4 ounces of chicken, ground turkey, shrimp, fish... and preferably no red meat (but I'm sure we will this week).  We also get cheese, cereal, and DIET COKE.  Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day.  We just need to watch our portions and remember that if we're hungry we MUST EAT FRUITS AND VEGGIES.  No more snacking on crackers or Girl Scout Cookies.  Focus... I must focus.

Tonight I will be focusing on 4.2 miles.  It will be amazing and it will be easy.  (Or so I will tell myself at the 2 mile marker).