Thursday, October 21, 2010

First measured run

Yesterday I had to calibrate my new Nike+ Sportband.  I had to walk a mile at a steady pace (4.0mph for this girl) and then I had to run a mile.  The walk took about 15 minutes or so.  I was able to complete my jog at 5mph in 12 minutes.  Now I know 12 minutes isn't a great time.. but's not the worst time either!  The best part was I was able to keep my breathing under control and I wasn't panting or dying after it was over.  My husband did mention that I swing my upper body from left to right which constricts my breathing and makes running harder.  I need to focus on that part.  No body swinging.

Today's goal is a 1.3 mile run.  That shouldn't be too terrible.  I am going to do it around my neighborhood in the great outdoors.  I prefer running outside to running in the gym on a treadmill watching other sweaty people workout.  At least outside there is fresh air, things to look at, and no one creepy is staring at my ass (yes it happens at the gym... I don't care how overweight you might be).

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