Thursday, October 28, 2010

Completed 2.27 miles last night... all running (ooooh yeah!)

I am a running machine.  Yesterday I ran 2.27 miles (without stopping) in just under 23 minutes.  I'm not sure if the Sportband is 100% correct, but if it is this fact is AMAZING.... it says that I ran my first mile in 12 minutes 13 seconds and my second mile was completed in 10 minutes 32 seconds.  How awesome is that?!  I burned a total of 322 calories which is also amazing.  Husband and I ran outside around the neighborhood with our oldest dog.  It really helped my mentality when Husband and Brinkley were running next to me keeping me motivated.  I received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook which was nice.

Messages included:

Jacquie - Wow, you are cruising right along there girl! Good for you! :)
Jason D. - Go Ash!!! Get your hubby running too so he can come back out and play volleyball with us!
Soizik - wow Sunnyheehaw! You're already over 2 miles!? That's awesome!

Thanks to all of my friends for being so supportive.  It really does help encourage me to continue on my mission to complete a 7k!

Oh!  My pouch arrived last night which will store the Nike Sportband sensor.  I no longer have to look down at my feet to see if the sensor is still in my shoelaces.  Now it is in a pouch which is Velcroed around my shoelaces!  It's pretty awesome and it was only $3.99 on I got one for Husband, too, because he is getting a red Sportband for his birthday from my parents.  Then we can run together and keep track together... how romantic.

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