Monday, March 21, 2011

Morning Wood - We Run Hard

Ok, I am a slacker.  Not in the running department, but in the blogging department.  Husband and I have been logging many miles on our Nike bands.  I have run the 4.2 necessary miles 1x per week for the last month or so. We have 15 people on our Pat's Run team.  We're called Morning Wood because ...we run hard.  Gotta love it.  Today's Facebook post said :  Are you trying to get motivated to workout? Join team Morning Wood on our journey to run 4.2 miles for Pat's Run. Not only will you get to exercise but we'll get to drink as a team. Teams who drink and run together stay out of gangs. It's a proven fact.   I like to think it's true.  If you have friends who motivate you to stay in shape and hang out together, then the potential of joining a gang is down.  Ok, now we're all 25-35 years old, so the chance of one of us joining a gang is slim.  But still... the threat is still there.

Plan for Morning Wood the week of the race:

Wednesday - I pick up our running packets
Thursday - Happy Hour as a team so I can pass out our running packets of fun
Friday - CARB NIGHT as a team
Saturday - we run at 7am and then go our for breakfast and bloody mary's
Sunday - recover

If that's not your idea of a perfect 5-days then you can't join our team!

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