Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2 of Smashing the fat diet... so far so good

Day 1 of diet was a success.  Plain oatmeal with fresh apples and cinnamon just doesn't get rid of the bland oatmeal taste.  Hoping that once our bananas ripen they will make plain boring oatmeal taste better.  Dinner last night was actually tasty.  Husband would have preferred hot sauce in it so "it tasted like something", but he added pepper and was as happy as he could be.  We ran at lunch which was awesome, however, Husband made me run the fastest I've ever run before.  We did one mile in 9 minutes and 47 seconds.  I almost vomited at the end.  My lungs hurt for 3 hours after our run.  After work we went to the gym and did some chest and shoulder exercises.  I felt great last night and we even got 8 hours of solid sleep!

Todays meals have been ok.  Breakfast was another round of boring oatmeal.  My snack was delicious... vanilla flavored light yogurt with fresh mango and oranges.  Probably the best thing I've eaten in 36 hours.  Our late lunch included salad with lots of yummy veggies but no dressing so it wasn't the best meal.  Tonights dinner sounds very good.  We might even have a side of sweet potatoes just because!  Dinner tonight is White Bean Salad with Asparagus and Artichokes, a recipe also from Cooking Light. I might even try to make enough for lunch tomorrow!  At lunchtime today we took one of our dogs for a walk.  It is getting hot outside in Arizona, so I doubt we'll be able to continue walking during out lunch break.  We're going to keep doing it until it's just too hot.  We're supposed to run 4.2 miles this afternoon.  I'm trying to get myself excited for it, but I just can't.  Hopefully once we start I will be happy about it.  The big race is in 18 days, so I need to keep practicing!

I talked to my Grandmother last night who just didn't understand why I was running for fun.  She made me laugh.  I wish it was fun!  Right now it's just hard work and at this point I'm not really enjoying it.  My husband loves running... I need to get in his mindset.  He strongly believes that running is hard but it's totally worth it and satisfying.  Maybe if there was someone holding a glass of red wine and chocolate covered strawberries for me at the end of my 4.2 miles I'd love running, too!

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