Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Running to clear my mind

Yesterday I thought my brain was going to explode.  I went to a meeting to learn about starting up my own business as a part time thing.  It sounds really interesting but I don't know if it's a financially viable option for us right now. When I got home I needed to run.  I didn't need to run for exercise, but I  needed to run to clear my head.  I ran at night so I didn't run with headphones which was great because it gave my brain a chance to go through some scenarios with this potential part time gig.  I decided the only way it could really work is if my husband helps me a bit.  I ended up running a little over 2 miles but I ran most all of it!  It was gorgeous outside and there wasn't a single person in sight.  I was just able to listen to my body... to the wind... and let my brain putter away at stuff.  I wasn't too winded when I got home but I felt a million times better than I did before I left. I guess running is my new way of letting my brain think about problems or ideas without having to actually think about them.  It's almost therapeutic!

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