Friday, November 19, 2010

I RAN 3 MILES..... no really... I did!

Last night was amazing.  My husband and I ran together yesterday evening (which I love because him being there is already motivation).  I was sore from the gym the night before and could already feel my muscles tightening.  I ran 2 miles without walking or taking a break.  I was going to stop at 2 miles when Husband told me to keep going.  He said that he believed in  me and knew I could do just one more little mile to get us all the way home.  I grunted at him and said, "ok" because I wanted to do it for him to prove that I could do it.  Funny, I didn't even want to prove it to myself!  The last mile I removed my headphones to really focus on my body.  I kept repeating "I can do this.... I can do this" which made me sound like a crazy person because I was talking to myself.  Sometimes a girl just needs to motivate herself!  I just happen to do it out loud.  At the 3 mile marker we stopped and I yelled "OH MY GOD I DID IT!!!"  I wasn't too winded but my body was really tight (damn weight lifting).  I'm not really sure how I was able to make dinner or do laundry because all my body wanted to do was sit in a hot tub or the bathtub.  When my 3.05 mile run was posted on Facebook so many friends congratulated me that it was really motivating.  Only 1.3 more miles to run before I can really participate in the Pat Tilman run in April... but I'm gonna do it!!!!

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