Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My body is breaking down on me

I am a mess.  My calf muscle was so sore last week that I had to rest it so I wouldn't do serious damage.  The chiropractor said my problem is my arch.  I bought some orthopedics for my shoes and that seems to help.  Turns out I also sprained my thumb.  While this doesn't prevent me from running it's still annoying.  I didn't run at all last weekend so now running is gonna be a bitch!  Husband was still out of town so I decided Monday would be that day I start back up.  Orthopedics were in my shoes and the weather was perfect.  I was having a hard time breathing but at the one mile marker I was miraculously able to breathe.  I guess my body figured out the groove and breathing was no longer a problem.  At 1.4 miles I had to pause and stretch my calf muscle.  Once done I ran almost 1 more mile.  I completed 2.38 miles ALL BY MYSELF!  Husband is mighty proud of this girl.  To follow my last run - http://go.nike.com/0f1pdp0.  Once I was able to run without lack of breath or cramping calf muscle I was actually enjoying it.  I'm still not sure if I can do 4.2 miles, but at least I'm more than halfway there already!!!

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