Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reason For My Blog Title

So I mentioned in my last blog that I am married to a crazy Packer fan.  Let's be honest... he is actually a crazy Wisconsin fan.  If the Packers, Brewers, or Badgers (football or basketball teams) are involved then he is watching.  Not only watching but he is interacting.  He will cheer, he will yell at the TV, he will scream what the players should be doing in addition to the player's names while the game is happening.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't realize that his lively emotional outbursts have ZERO effect on the game.  Jon Leuer cannot pick my husband out of a lineup.  Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun may be friends, but they don't know my husband.  My husband could walk up to both of them and say "Aaron, why didn't you throw it to James Jones rather than run it in... he was open!?" or "Ryan, your shirts are butt ugly but you have a great swing."  No matter how much I want Clay Matthews to know who I am, he won't know me because of my husband.  Growing up in a household where sports were not Gods, it was hard to adjust to this insanity.  But, to be honest, I like it.  I prefer the intensity when his teams are winning.  Then my house is really happy.  If his teams lose, well lets just say there is a mourning period where he won't speak to me. He sort of sulks around the house.  For example.... the Brewers are in NY right now playing the Yankees.  The Brew Crew had their asses handed to them one by one during the first two games.  My husband has been extremely cranky.  He isn't very chatty.... he's just moping around saying things like "why is Braun the only one who can hit?!"  All I want to do is get out of my house.  It's a miserable place to be when the Wisco teams lose.  This weekend we're mortal enemies.  The Diamondbacks are visiting the Cheese State this weekend for a 3 game series against the Brewers.  I am still a Diamondbacks fan.  I'm pretty sure my husband won't be speaking to me for 3 straight days.  Happy Fourth of July to me.

Some examples of the insanity:

Packers vs Cardinals at NFC Championship in AZ (please note I'm wearing red and not green.  He didn't talk to me the entire ride home).

My first game at Lambeau Field (Packers vs Bears in 2008)

Packers vs Bears 2008 (in November I might add)

This guy is at EVERY SINGLE PACKER GAME dressed just like this.

Coolest gnome ever.  It's in the basement of Packer Husband's best friend.

There is more than one crazy fan.  My husband is NOT wearing the overalls.

Obviously, this is the Super Bowl, and obviously, we needed our Aaron Rodgers WWE belts.

Packers were not playing well... Packer Husband is pacing.

Clay Matthews gets the Steelers to fumble the ball and the Packers have initially sealed the deal. Packers win in the end (Super Bowl Champs 2010)

My sister is a traitor (on right).  She jumped ship to join the Brew Crew when she saw how cute JJ Hardy was.  I wear Brewer stuff to Spring Training games (only).

Perk of living in AZ: spring training, perfect weather for a tube top, amazing bloody mary's, and husband gets to watch the Brewers live and in person.
I am sure I have more insane photos of my husband at sporting events, but I think you get the clue.  The only things he wears are blue and yellow, green and gold, or red.  If he's not wearing something in these colors then he must be at a wedding.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am wearing a Packers shirt WHILE I WRITE THIS BLOG ARTICLE!  He is starting to have an affect on me.... dammit.


  1. I absolutely loved this one! The photos are hilarious, and I do enjoy the Brew Crew and am sadness JJ is gone...hopefully he will return!!!!!!

    -- The Traitor Sister

  2. Traitor Sister! I am so glad you read the article about your traitorness. Thanks for reading... you are the best (even if you are a traitor).