Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marriage Test #2

My marriage was first tested back in 2009 when the Cardinals and the Packers played each other to get to the Super Bowl.  My team won and I had a very sad and grumpy husband.  Luckily we survived and now we just have stories to share about how I'm a traitor and cheered for my home team.  In any case, it was all in good fun and I tease about our marriage struggling.  I think back fondly to my memories of the three games we attended.  Unfortunately, I did cry for the pre-season game (left the tickets at home and we missed the first quarter).  Believe me, I don't think ANYONE will forget that day.  But the other two games were a lot of fun.  Packers won the pre-season game and the regular season game that didn't matter.  The Cardinals won the one game that did matter to get them to the Super Bowl.

Pre-season game.  Great photo... bad memories.

The Game that didn't matter.

The game that DID matter
We had seats with John and Jenn.  You can see the boys are green and gold... the ladies are sporting red.  The ladies win!
Why am I bringing up memories of rivalry?  Well.... post season baseball is about to start.  For anyone keeping up, both the Diamondbacks and the Brewers have clinched their divisions and are both vying for home field advantage.  If the Brewers win then they get home field advantage.  If the Diamondbacks win AND the Brewers lose then the DBacks get home field advantage.  There is also a chance that the Diamondbacks and the Brewers could play EACH OTHER!!!!  Oh man... my heart is racing just thinking about that.  If the St. Louis Cardinals can beat the Braves in the Wildcard standings then they're in and they will play Philly which means Brewers and Diamondbacks face off in round one.  Heart palpitations have already started.  Skipping out on boot camp tonight so we can watch both games together.  Wish us luck!

To top it all off, I start my new job on Friday.  I need my Hubby to be supportive... not yelling profanities at my baseball team!

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