Monday, August 15, 2011

I Learned A LOT Just By Attending 2 Pool Parties

What a weekend.  This weekend I witnessed some horrible parenting, drunkiness, and overall merriment with good friends and family.  Thanks to the horrible parenting fiasco, I learned what kind of father my husband will be.  A GOOD ONE!  To make a long story short, I saw an acquaintence (not a friend.... not then and especially not now) teach his 3-year old daughter how to yell and scream at a 2-year old girl.  He had her yell things like "get away from me" and "no!  don't come closer".  When I say yell, I mean he shouted these things at his daughter and in turn his daughter was screaming, crying, and shouting at a 2-year old.  (By the way, the 2-year old was just trying to play with the 3-year old, but ended up bursting into tears.)  To make matters even worse, this "Dad" pushed the two-year old away.  He didn't push her so she fell over. He took his index and middle fingers and forced them into the 2-year olds chest until she was pushed back.  What the $%&! is up with that!?  At this point I overcame my shock of what I was seeing, and took the 2-year old to her Mother.  The next day my husband told me he was so mad at himself for not kicking this guy and his soon to be bitch of a daughter out of the party.  The good news is the "dad" his daughter, wife, and son didn't stay very long.  Probably because of the chatter and looks they were getting.  Horrible horrible horrible.  

In addition to these shenanigans the Packers played their first pre-season game against the Cleveland Browns.  The first-string was in for almost the entire first quarter, so needless to say the game did not matter.  It didn't stop my hubby from recording it and then analyzing it.  Packers ended up losing but, again, I thank my lucky stars that the game didn't count and wasn't an example of things to come.

On to some good news.  Husband and I have been playing with my best friend's kids for the last week.  They're great practice for when we do decide that we want to have our own.  These two are the cutest and nicest kids ever.  The boy is 4 and the girl is 3.  The girl immediately attached herself to my husband.  They were having a blast in the pool.  They dove off the diving board together, made waves in the pool, were sharks and fish getting everyone else... it was adorable.  Husband has been pretty funny saying that he "doesn't know what to do with girls" and that "they scare" him.  I'm pretty sure he can't say those things anymore.  He was so great with her.  The 4-year old is incredible sweet and he was loving the pool.  Once he was brave enough to jump off the diving board there was no stopping him!  On Saturday I took a photography class with my girlfriend (she takes some amazing photos so make sure you check out her website -  We learned how to use the light we have available to take photos.  I learned I need a flash, a cone to cover my flash, and a 50mm lens to really get my photography going.  I was just happy that with the equipment that I have I could take these photos:

Husband throwing the 3-year old into the air.  I think she's having fun!

No Photoshop work needed.  The water is blue and he looks spectacular!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Ashley! Wow. You have been blogging away, and I'm kicking myself for not following you sooner. Love the blog - very entertaining stuff if ya ask me... maybe because I can relate. ;) I'm a fulltime follower now, so keep 'em coming!