Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diamondbacks 2 - Brewers 0... going for the sweep today

For anyone keeping score, the Diamondbacks have won the first two games of the three game series.  Going for the sweep today.  Luckily the Husband hasn't been upset with me.  He's mad at The Crew for a terrible lineup and some terrible ballplaying.  For me, I'm just happy I get to watch a Diamondbacks game and it's just a little bit sweeter that they won both games.  I explained to The Husband that I would most likely convert to being a Brewer fan (especially when we have kids... I know he'll brainwash them into all things Wisconsin) BUT, I'll cheer for the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, ASU, whoever, if they're playing a team from Wisconsin.  He agreed that that would be fine since I am from AZ and should probably have a little bit of home town pride.  I still can't buy myself a Brewer t-shirt... it just feels wrong.

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